CCTT Publications

TMD Surgery & Post-Operative Rehabilitation

The publications that follow represent the extensive contribution to the supportive literature by diplomats of the Physical Therapy Board of Craniofacial & Cervical Therapeutics.


Post-Surgical Publications by Steve Kraus

Kraus, S, Physical Therapy Management of TMD In: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Temporomandibular Disorders – Vol 4 Edited by; Raymond J. Fonseca Volume Editors Robert Bays & Peter Quinn,1st Edition 2000


Post-Surgical Publications by Jeffrey Mannheimer

Hoffman D, Mannheimer, JS, Attanasio R & Cohen H. Clinical Update: Management of the Temporomandibular Joint Surgical Patient. Clinical Preventive Dentistry, 11(3): 28-32, 1989.

Mannheimer JS.  Physical Therapy Concepts in the Evaluation and Treatment of the Upper Quarter and Craniomandibular Complex. In Kraus L. (ed). TMJ Disorders: Management of the Craniomandibular Complex. Churchill-Livingstone, 1988.

Mannheimer, JS.  Postoperative Physical Therapy Protocols: Postarthroscopic Surgery. In Kraus SL (ed).  TMJ Disorders:  Management of the Craniomandibular Complex. Second Edition, Churchill Livingstone, 1994

Mannheimer JS & Montalbano R. Postoperative Management for Surgical Procedures to the Temporomandibular Joint. Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Clinics of North America, 11(2): 235-261, 2002.



Post-Surgical Publications by John Dunn

Dunn J. Physical therapy. In Kaplan AS, Assael LA (eds). Temporomandibular Joint Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment. Philadelphia: Saunders, 1992.