PTBCCT – Orofacial Dry Needling

Orofacial Dry Needling:  The PTBCCT in conjunction with Jan Dommerholt, PT, DPT, MPS and Myopain Seminars previously developed a 3 course series specific to certification in dry needling of the cervical, shoulder girdle, orofacial and craniomandibular musculature (CODN). Please contact Myopain Seminars for information about Orofacial Dry Needling courses for 2019.

The following CCTT’s successfully completed the course series and obtained certification in Orofacial Dry Needling (CODN) by Myopain Seminars:


  • Erin Cox
  • Eveline Erni
  • Tim Gibbs
  • Meralee Guhl
  • Michael Karegeannes
  • Steve Kraus
  • Ryan Lynch
  • Jeff Mannheimer
  • Mark Strickland
  • Maria Zerjav

Myopain Seminars is currently developing another course series in Orofacial Dry Needling and can be contacted for further information: