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The Physical Therapy Board 
of Craniofacial & Cervical Therapeutics
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PTBCCT Committees

  • Ethics:  *Patricia Rudd, Carol Cote.
  • Marketing/Advertising/Brochure:  *John Dunn, Barbara Semmel, Dina Delgado, Eveline Erni, Shaun O’Connor, Carol Cote, Alejandro Goldin.
  • Speaker:  *Eveline Erni, Jeff Mannheimer, Pat Rudd.
  • Application Review/CEU: *Steve Kraus, Eveline Erni, Merelee Guhl, Pat Rudd, John Dunn, Mike Karegeannes.
  • Meeting/Social:  *Dina Delgado, John Dunn, Todd Henkelman
  • Examination:  *Jeff Mannheimer, Steve Kraus, Mike Karegeannes, Corine Visscher, John Dunn, Dina Delgado, Pat Rudd, Meralee Guhl, Mark Strickland, Michelle Layton.
  • AAOP Physical Therapy:  *Eveline Erni and all board members.
  • Donation Committee: No current volunteers.

              * Denotes the Chair Person